Membership - CEA Lifetime Achievement Award

Purpose: To recognize and acknowledge, with special honor, an individual that has served as a CEA officer or director and has given above and beyond the call of duty to CEA.

Criteria: The proposed recipient must be a member of CEA. The person must have served on the Board of Directors of CEA; but need not be an officer or director in the year in which the award is received. One individual may be chosen in any one year; however, it will not be mandatory that a recipient be chosen each year.

Nomination: Nominations will be accepted from any Director of CEA. The nomination must be in essay form of 100 words or less stating why the nominator believes this individual should be given the award, and summarizing the individual’s accomplishments. Nomination forms will be sent out from CEA Headquarters and will be due for submission after the August director’s meeting.

Selection: Nominations shall be presented to the prior recipients, and shall be voted on by the prior recipients, majority vote. All names of nominees shall be confidential.

In each year awarded, the recipient shall be announced at that year's annual education conference.


Board Members may visit the Board Portal to download the application.

Board of Directors Portal

Past Recipients

2023 Debbi Faber, CSEO
2019 Lena Signor, CSEO
2017 Irene Genders, CSEO
2016 Scott Hunt (Posthumously)
2013 Kathy Lozano, CSEO
2012 William Vance
2011 Tina Hunter, CEO
2008 Joyce Cujak
2007 Sandy Rose, CSEO
2006 David Shean, CSEO
2005 (Inaugural) Kim Dawson, CSEO