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Miriam Schwarz

Miriam Schwarz
CEA President - 1970

Miriam Schwarz was the victim of an accident that left her pinned all night off the road under the steering wheel of the car. Miriam Schwarz vowed during the many months of her hospitalization and therapy to do something to show her appreciation to her friends and fellow members of CEA for the spontaneous help that come her way during that trying time. In 1976, the association was presented a $1,000 contribution from Miriam Schwarz to establish a benevolent fund for members. The association executive committee later voted to name the fund in honor of Ms. Schwarz.

The Miriam Schwarz Benevolent Fund was established to aid CEA Members who have experienced a catastrophic accident or illness. The funds are administered to CEA Members in need of financial assistance by a Fund Committee composed of active Past Presidents.

 Fund sources are limited to contributions by:

  • Individual Active Members
  • Associate Members
  • Regional Associations

Members or Regional Associations who would like to contribute to this Fund should forward their contributions to CEA Headquarters. Please be sure to indicate on the check or a cover letter “For deposit into the Miriam Schwarz Benevolent Fund”.

Members or Regional Associations who are aware of a Member who is in need of financial assistance from the Funds, should forward a request for assistance on behalf of the member to CEA Headquarters. The request should include a complete explanation of the circumstances surrounding the accident or illness and the need for financial assistance.

Should you have any questions regarding a donation to this fund or the request for assistance for a member, please feel free to contact CEA Headquarters.

Donate immediately with the button down below, or download our online donation form if you would like to fill out the form on your own: Online Donation Form

PLEASE NOTE: The Miriam Schwarz Benevolent Fund is a restricted fund of the California Escrow Association. Please consult your tax advisor if you have any questions about contributing to the Fund.