National Outreach Fund

Join us and let our voices be heard!

CEA National Outreach Fund

Our industry borders are shrinking! California's settlement industry is getting national recognition and members of the California Escrow Association are stepping into industry roles outside of the State of California. In order to fund participation in such roles the Board of Directors of the California Escrow Association, under the aegis of the National Affairs committee, is creating a National Outreach Fund.

The function of this fund, as voted into our Manual of Policies and Procedures, is to engage and solicit funds from outside sources to "reimburse designated CEA members who represent the organization or provide a dialogue with other organizations at functions and events that are held for the betterment of our escrow industry practices; to set up alliances with such affiliate organizations. Examples include but are not limited to MISMO, ALTA, NAR, MBA, PRIA."

We welcome all donations, in any amount and from any source, whether from members themselves, regional associations or affiliated members. Just make a check payable to "California Escrow Association" and send it to the address below. Crafting your yearly budget? We appreciate your consideration of adding this fund as a line item.

We will give up-to-date recognition of contributors (contribution amounts need not be specified) on our website, news magazine, conference and other social media venues.

Join us and let our members and the California Escrow Association shine!
Contributions to the National Outreach Fund are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

The Board of Directors
California Escrow Association
2520 Venture Oaks Way, Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95833
Tel (916) 239-4075

Thank you to our donors

  • Debi Peters - Coast Cities Escrow
  • Eric Spitz - MyNHD
  • Joanna Belanger
  • Juliana Tu - Viva Escrow! Inc.
  • Michael Brooks - Directs
  • Robin Alvarez - Pacific Escrow
  • The Escrow Pros Staff & Office